Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome to the Future of Radio

The purpose of this blog is to provoke discussion about the future of radio. Radio is undergoing significant challenges
  • Deregulation and the industry consolidation
  • The birth of Satellite Radio
  • The coming Analog to Digital conversion
  • Competition from Internet Streaming and Podcasting
  • Personal Media players and internet dissemination of music

The author of this blog is not an "industry insider" - just a lifelong consumer of radio who is interested about the future of radio and how the changes will affect American society.

It is not our intention to "preach from the soapbox", but rather to create a venue for discussion among those interested in radio, either from the industry or consumer perspective.

Comments are enabled. Please keep things civil.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! My brother's thinking of taking a course in Mass Communications and majoring in Radio. Do you think it's a wise choice? I mean, with the advent of new technologies, will radio still be relevant thirty or forty years from now?

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Stoneyman said...

I am a thirty year veteran of broadcast radio who left the business in 2003. Actually, as a result of clustering and the consequent price bubble for stations created by the Telecom Act of '96, the owners of the group I worked for realized they had paid far too much for the cluster and needed to lay off 60% of their staff in order to make the nut. And herein lies today's basic truth: there are far fewer jobs in Radio today than there were just ten years ago, and those jobs tend to pay less ( I was replaced by an entry level worker making close to minimum wage who was expected to do the jobs of several previous employees). Given all the various market pressures I think this trend will most definitely continue. I would not advise anyone to consider broadcast Radio as a future career.

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